Kells Gin

Originated in Kells in County Meath - famously known as the Monastic Capital of Medieval Ireland

Kells Gin Story

Kells Gin originated in Kells Co Meath famously known as the Monastic Capital of Medieval Ireland. Kells Gin took inspiration from Colmcille’s monks.who were not just accomplished scholars and scribes, but also master brewers and distillers.

The distinct notes in Kells Gin are influenced by the Victorian erawhich saw Kells rise in prominence again for its craftsmanship when the women of Kells produced the famous Kells Lace. The Kells Lace patterns were deliberately chosen to represent the local foliage and so were predominantly floral and foliate. Today, the ingredients of Kells Gin mirror the innovative lace designs and ensure a taste of Kells in every pour. 

Kells Gin is best served with a premium tonic and a slice of orange to ensure a citrus & refreshing flavourwith everysip.

Kells Pink Gin is the ultimate pink gin for gin drinkers. 

The botanicals in Kells Pink Gin have been carefully selected to give a sweet and refreshing flavor in each sip. It contains no added sugars or flavouring it is the perfect fusion of strawberry and floral notes.  

Kells Pink Gin is best served with a premium tonic a slice of strawberry, and garnished with a rosebud to ensure a burst of summer in every glass.

Kells Signature Gin Gift Set

Kells gin 70cl, 2 Kells Gin glasses, Orange botanicals

  • Perfect Gift

  • 42% Premium Alcohol

  • Fully Recyclable Box

  • Limited Edition Glasses

Kells Pink Gin Gift Set

Kells Gin Pink 70cl, 2 Kells Gin glasses, Rose botanical, Strawberry Botanical

  • No Added Sugar

  • 10 Summer Botanicals

  • Fruity Flavour

  • Recyclable Box

Kells Gin collaboration with Sheridans cheese

We are delighted to launch our collaboration with Sheridans cheese . We love working with local suppliers and when the opportunity to work with the renowned Sheridans cheese came along our mouths instantly started to salivate with the possibility of putting our two loves together ! I mean what’s better than Gin and cheese.