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Kells Gin Collins

Kells Gin Collins
Who doesn’t love a good Gin Collins?
We all know the name Michael Collins, a hero of seismic proportions in Irish history but we invite you to delve a little deeper and learn the story of the Kells Collins for it is an ode to a formidable lady Roseanne Collins. She resided in Drumbaragh and then Suffolk St (beside Tom Doherty’s) and was the grandmother of Vincent and Olivia Duff, mother to Tom, Vincent and Paddy and a true Kells legend who not only loved everything about her beloved town of Kells but was also known for her hospitality…..except in those days that meant a cup of tea over the half door! 
Today, we salute her with our own version of the classic Collins cocktail and hope that she would be proud of bringing the Kells name further afield with its own award winning gin made in the family! 

Kells takes home gold for Christmas at Global Gin Masters

Kells takes home gold for Christmas at Global Gin Masters

After only one year on the market, Kells Gin has landed a major global award scooping Gold at the Global Gin Masters 2022 in the UK.

The much respected Gin Masters Awards, hosted in London received entries from a staggering 91 Countries in a range of categories on a global stage. Chaired by ‘The Spirits Business’ and a panel of leading international spirits specialists, the spirits are judged in a blind tasting environment and criticized to the highest level. To receive any type of recognition is always commendable but to attain Gold from the single entry made by Kells Gin really speaks volumes of the quality and uniqueness of this new to market product.

A lockdown project with the assistance of Listoke Distillery, Kells Gin is the brain child of brother and sister duo, Vincent and Olivia Duff in Kells. It was officially launched to the market in November 2021. Much time and consideration was invested into the range of botanicals, local ingredients and citrus led notes that give Kells Gin it’s unique traits as a premium bespoke craft gin.

Introduced initially as the signature house pour at the family run Headfort Arms Hotel, the brand has been warmly received by locals and visitors alike. The Gin has also caught the attention of many diaspora abroad. According to director Olivia Duff ‘In a crowded craft gin market, it was critical to gather the imagination of those who were looking for a really quality gin experience, this is where we have pitched Kells’. On the back of demand, this Summer saw the introduction of a ‘Kells Pink Gin’, offering a more floral and fruit lead version of the signature success.

“We were over the moon with this accolade,” said Vincent Duff, Director of Kells Gin. “It’s great to know that our vision for our beloved Kells brand has been recognised with a gold seal of approval by The Spirits Business, we knew we had something unique and special but this award will give us the confidence to push it further globally now’

This award now sets Kells Gin’s sights on the global stage and the next move for this new product will be widely anticipated.

Kells Gin collaboration with Sheridans cheese

Kells Gin collaboration with Sheridans cheese

Now this might sound cheesie but we have some Grate news .

We are delighted to launch our collaboration with Sheridans cheese . We love working with local suppliers and when the opportunity to work with the renowned Sheridans cheese came along our mouths instantly started to salivate with the possibility of putting our two loves together ! I mean what’s better than Gin and cheese . 

We have been busy behind the scenes creating the ultimate Christmas hamper and with the expertise of The Sheridans  masters they helped create The perfect gift for the Gin & Cheese lover in your life . With Sherdans selection of cheeses & accompaniments paired with Our Kells Gin it’s sure to tick all the boxes . 

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