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Give the Gift of Kells Gin this Christmas

Give the Gift of Kells Gin this Christmas
With Halloween just behind us, dare we muster the word Christmas
With the winter evenings setting in we are busy preparing our workshop for the creation of Kells Gin hampers. 
It feels like only last week the Headfort Arms floors were trailing with straw  after our messy elves were busy putting together our  Kells Gin gift sets. 
With the introduction of our Kells Pink Gin, this summer we are delighted to add it to our Christmas Hamper collection. 
The Kells Gin and Kells Gin Pink edition gift set will include 
70cl bottle 
two branded kells gin glasses along with the required botanicals to ensure a perfect pour.
The Kells Gin mini gift set will include  
100ml bottle of Kells Gin 
Poachers Irish Tonic
Aines Chocolates 
The perfect pairing of botanicals. 
Give the taste of Kells Gin this Christmas to loved ones near and far. If you have any questions or would like to place a specific order Email sales@kellsgin.ie we would be delighted to help. 
Corporate rates are available. 

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador
We are pleased to announce that Paul Lambert is now Brand Ambassador for Kells Gin. Paul is a renowned Irish Mixologist and we are delighted to have his seal of approval on both Kells Gin products. Paul has spent more than 20 years stirring and shaking cocktails at the highest level and bartending at prestigious places like Sheen Falls Lodge, Gleneagles Resort Scotland, Diep le Shaker and the award-winning SABA. In that time, he has gathered an array of awards including Third in European Cocktail Championships, Portugal, Third at the DeKuyper Cocktail World Cup, Rotterdam, 6th 42Below Cocktail World Cup, Queenstown. So its far to say when it comes to alcohol Paul is your guy in the no. We are excited to see what creations Paul will come up with for Kells Gin and even more happy to sip on each one along the way.
Paul recently visited the Headfort Arms Kells where he helped launch Kells Gin The Pink Edition and also created a new Signature Cocktail the Kells Spritz. Why not Pop into the Headfort arms and give it a try or use the below recipe get mixing below tick a pic and tag us on insta so we can see your creations.
You never no if you get Mr Paul lamparts approval we might just send you out some Kells Gin goodies.

Kells Gin

Kells Gin
Let’s hope that are plenty of warm summer evenings ahead to enjoy
Kells Gin in the garden
We have been overwhelmed by the brilliant response. Thank you!
There are bottles making their way all over the country already.....
Kells Gin is now available to order.
As the town of Kells lights up in preparation to celebrate the Colmcille 1500 Anniversary, we are thrilled to celebrate this special year with the long awaited launch of ‘KELLS GIN’
We have been working on this project for the past year with the wonderful Bronagh Conlon in Listoke Distillery, working on recipes, tastings and brand development. We have researched stories from our surroundings and no one better than local artist and hero Mark Smith Kells TypeTrail to inspire and develop the brand story with us. Thanks also to the wonderful professionalism, patience and support of Sinead Byrne of Clo Design
We look forward to pouring Kells Gin as our house pour from today, the feast of St. Colmcille and hopefully watch it being enjoyed far and wide. It will also be available to purchase and deliver nationwide via our online shop!
The town of Kells or Ceanannas Mór (meaning 'great fort') is known to have been a royal residence before St. Colmcille established a significant monastery in the 6th century, where monks were not just accomplished scholars and scribes, but also brewers and distillers.
The Kells Gin brand bears reference to the Victorian era (the first era of Gin houses) when Kells Lace manufactory thrived adjacent to the Headfort Arms Hotel.
This was an era when handmade crafted items were created by the women of Kells - in much the same way that this gin has been hand crafted using unique botanicals alongside grains of paradise, elderflower, sumac and cubebs - all complemented by citrus orange notes.
Enjoy a Kells Gin with a premium tonic on ice. Our signature pour will be served with a Classic Poachers Irish Premium Tonic with Thyme - plus a slice of orange and a hint of orange zest in order to amplify the citrus flavour.
Let’s raise a glass to Colmcille!
Enjoy responsibly.